Discover & Cultivate Your Unique Gifts

I believe we have an infinite source,
already inside of us just waiting to be discovered.My passion is helping my clients discover and polish these
wonderful gifts that enable them to realize their own
highest potential on all levels.

I’ve created a warm, supportive environment, perfect for you to reach your full potential. As a Healing Art Practitioner specializing in Reiki and Pranic Healing since 1992 and a Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2001, I have a wealth of evolved and tested techniques to help you accomplish your goals!

Let me share with you how my areas of expertise can benefit you. Then, let’s chat and decide which path is best for your individual situation and goals. You’re not alone! Together, let’s discover and cultivate your unique gifts that can bring fulfillment and joy back into your life!



You’ll find the evidence testifying to the tremendous power of hypnotherapy to change one’s life, inspiring!  Your subconscious is a treasure trove of possibilities; indeed it is believe that fully 88% of our mind lies mostly below the level of our awareness, including those parts of our mind responsible for the positive and negative associations we’ve made throughout life.   Learn More About the Benefits of Hypnotherapy



Reiki is a powerful Japanese healing technique promoting relaxation and stress reduction.  At it’s core is the tenet that each of us have a “life force energy” which flows through us.  When this is low, we’re more vulnerable to stress and illness, and when this life force energy is high, we’re more apt to experience happiness and health!  Learn More About the Benefits of Reiki


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The actions we take each moment of each day, determine the outcome of our lives. Call me at (323) 270-7378 today to discover and cultivate your own unique gifts and begin living the life you were meant to live!

I am fluent in Russian, Italian and English and serve clients in Woodland Hills, West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Tarzana, Calabasas, Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles area.